Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Second Floor


I photographed this house recently while searching for a bridge near Elma, Manitoba. I wonder what would have been attached to this house to require that full size door on the second floor. Maybe it was part of a larger structure that has since been removed.

Steve Boyko


  1. In the Pacific NW of the USA it is not uncommon for 2 story houses to have a door from the second floor opening to the outside to use on bad snow events. Sometimes a ladder was stored near the door to help the entering and exit efforts.

  2. I'm with Barney on this one - I think it was also a means of escape should there be a house fire which often happened in those days. There also could have once been a verandah on the house with a balcony. The farm house I grew up in had such a door - there for no reason that was overly apparent.