Friday, 9 October 2020

Ghost town Saskatchewan

 All that remains of Lake Valley, Saskatchewan.

The marker lists the following:

School 1906 - 1967

Elevators 1911 - 1964

Post Office 1904 - 1974

Methodist Church 1906 - 1925

United Church 1225 - 2016

Railroad 1913 - 1986

The remaining plaques name people who settled the area.


  1. It's nice that someone took the time to document the town and did it in a way that will last for awhile.

  2. You seem to be hitting a lot of elevators on my list. This one still seems to be in reasonable shape although the annex looks a little shaky.

  3. UGG...Ukrainian Good Guys! 😉👍

  4. I think it's amazing that so many small communities that are fading away are commemorated with those sorts of plaques.