Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Everything costs

Expenses seem to be piling up in October. I usually operate with a monthly informal budget. If my expenses one month are lower I try to refrain from spending because I know there will be expenses somewhere during the year.

October is one of those months. Car insurance is due in October. My vehicle registration is due this month. I just bought two winter tires for my winter vehicle and had them installed. I will be swapping vehicles soon, my winter beater has winter tires all round, two had more wear than I liked. The motorcycle shop phoned and a part, a minor spring, that I was waiting over three months for came in. When I showed up they told me the spring was no cost, it was supposed to be included with the new gas tank door that came in months before. However they told me the new starter switch just came in after they called me. That item was ordered three months ago. I get motorcycles parts just in time to store the bike for the winter. I also just signed up for a correspondence course and education is not cheap.

A lot of these are one time expenses. It is just nicer to have them spread out through the year.


  1. Replies
    1. Sometimes. Getting hit with bills keeps me from doing other things.

  2. Keep in mind you will not have to worry about bills if you are not breathing. That is how I enjoy my sore knees from walking, I am still alive to feel the knees pain.

  3. I pay my insurance monthly. It costs a little more, but it makes it easier to budget.

  4. We pay our insurance monthly too - much easier to keep track of and no nasty surprises. We do the same with pretty much everything and we know then that there's a 'core' amount of money has to be kept aside every month. Of course we're never prepared for the nasty surprises that come along but hope they don't happen too often.