Friday, 16 October 2020

Myroslaw School

I could find no dates on when it operated. It closed some time in the 1950's. There is no marker nearby, a lot of school sites in Alberta mark where a school is and was and when it operated. The spot is very overgrown. It looks like it was closed one day and they just left it. There is an addition on the back which I am guessing might have been where the teacher stayed.

I am guessing that where that door was might have been the teacher's living space. There is an obvious addition on the back of the school, the school is on a concrete foundation, the addition is not, so likely added at a later date. It might have been added on for the teacher to stay.

Blackboards are still on the walls.


  1. there is a fortune in weathered wood just waiting to be repurposed...

  2. Sure doesn't take long for nature to get the upper hand. So I say from the forest my place has become over the last 13 years of my disabilities. Yes, nature is fast and pushy. You get so many good camera shots. Thanks for your efforts and sharing. I love them all.