Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Abandoned Saskatchewan

Abandoned farmhouse south of Lake Valley, Saskatchewan.



  1. Seeing this made me wonder just how many abandoned houses there are in Sask. And why there's so many.

    1. I was wondering about that too plus I've gone on google maps & looked at some of these areas.
      Farm land & lot's of it.
      These places/farms were started in the day of horse/mule powered machinery. After the first world war the internal combustion engine started taking over, by the time the second world war was over a man with a tractor could do a lot more work than a man with a mule so the farms started getting bigger, add to that to the fact that the world had changed after the war...
      That was my guess...

    2. There were also many years where there was a socialist government in Saskatchewan which held the province back.

  2. Farming is hard. It's tough to explain to somebody who thinks that food magically appears in the store. (sort of like money for nothing and chicks for free) Sometimes it's technology, sometimes a blight, sometimes the farmer dies and there's nobody else to do that work and the farm dies.

  3. Is that a concrete house, or just stucco on the outside?
    I did some goose hunting in Saskatchewan in 2016, I though it was neat country.