Thursday 31 August 2017

Unlucky thirteen?

Parrish & Heimbecker Limited train number 13 at a grain terminal at Oban, Saskatchewan August 12, 2017. Parrish & Heimbecker is a grain company. This was on a side track near a modern terminal. It looked to be smaller than the usual train engine. I got a side view that I declined to post as the paint scheme is black so the side view does not stand out that well.

I saw the Mobil Grain train engines the prior day at Girvin, Saskatchewan. I like the look of these ones. Mobil Grain is a Saskatchewan company involved in agriculture. Saskatchewan seems to have a more interesting variety of stuff than Alberta. I usually see something interesting, well interesting to me, when I take a trip there. 


  1. Trains rate right up there, just slightly below hay bales.

  2. The P&H unit is an SD40-2, which is a little smaller than the typical locomotive on main line trains these days. The SD40-2 was very very common on CP in the 1980s on main line trains but they have been superseded by bigger locomotives, and the SD40 is mostly gone from CP and many have gone to local industries like grain elevators.

    1. This one of the prime reasons why I love doing this and blogging about it. I learn things from people that read this site.

  3. When new these locomotives would have been front line power and about the biggest ones out there. Now they look tiny compared to modern stuff.