Tuesday 1 August 2017

Alsike, Alberta July 30, 2017

Alsike is at the junction of Highway 20 and Highway 39 in Alberta. For many years there was nothing here except a building or two and the Alsike General Store and Post Office. Some years ago someone put up a modern gas station and restaurant just a little west of this place.

I spent the weekend of July 29/30 with my mother in Drayton Valley. Alsike is not all that far from where my mother lives. Somehow she managed to break a bone in her foot. My sister drove up previously and spent six days helping her out then it was my turn on the weekend. So I came up to keep her company and did various duties like wash her floors twice, her counters and cupboard doors twice, clean the bathroom twice, take out her garbage, and do some shopping. My sister did more than I did and spent more time. On the way home I stopped at Alsike for gas. I like to try and support people in small places. That and I wanted a Coke. I do not drink Pepsi.

As soon as I stopped I was informed that I could not buy groceries as the computerized terminal was not working. I could still buy gas. Years ago it used to be easier as there was no computer to go down. I wanted something to drink bad enough that I would have just put money on the counter and told them to keep the change. They did not seem that interested so my transaction was just for gas. I stopped at a store in Warburg and satisfied my craving for Coke.

Alsike, Alberta reminds me of my father whenever I drive by. He has been gone now for over twenty years. His mother would bug him at times asking him where he was staying when he came to visit. He would usually say the Alsike motel. There never was a motel at Alsike, just the gas station/post office for many years. Alsike became a bit of a running joke in my family. Where should we go for a vacation? Alsike. That sort of thing. That is long in the past. Driving past a place can kick up a few memories from long ago. For all sorts of reasons some places are more than just places on a map.


  1. I made the mistake of using the bathroom in that gas station, I then discovered the other place up the road that I am sure had better facilities.

  2. Also nice memory about Alsike.

  3. Love the story of the Alsike motel. My family had jokes about Funkley, MN, where my parents lived for a time. I have a photo of my brother standing next to the road sign that reads, 'Funkley - population 6. The only building there was the Funkley Bar.

  4. We have a place just up the Fraser Canyon here called "Spuzzum" It's our running joke whenever we pass through. The kids always ask "Are we in Spuzzum?" and we reply "We were!"

    Blink and you'll miss it.

    Not funny but our thing nonetheless. It's interesting how places hold that sort of significance to people.

    1. Many years ago I went through Spuzzum as a kid on a family trip. As a young single guy my father worked road construction in the Fraser Canyon.