Thursday 24 August 2017

The beauty of stained glass

Anyone who reads this site knows that I have a weakness for churches. There is no particular reason, I just enjoy seeing them. I have not attended on a regular basis in many years. Is there a God? Possibly. I do not have those answers. I feel there is one. As I get older I feel like I should attend church. Topics for other days. Regardless I like running across churches in small towns and very rural areas. There is a lot of beauty in places like this.

This is a very nice spot that I am increasingly regretting not revisiting. I will have to make a return trip.


  1. Yes, there is a God. And He loves you and wants you to love Him. :D

    1. Sometimes some of us forget that. Thank you.

    2. It has been mentioned to me that the Cypress Hills are a gate to heaven.

  2. Thanks for posting that link! I like stained glass too. Always beautiful.