Thursday 17 August 2017

The prairie air could be better

There are numerous forest fires in the province of British Columbia west of where I live. With winds and air currents the smoke from those fires has drifted into Alberta. Some days there is quite the haze in the air. I woke up sometime after three this morning coughing and choking due to the smoke in the air. I got a headache from the coughing and do not feel the greatest. I definitely have empathy for anyone that suffers from asthma, it must be hellish.

Obviously the people who are directly affected by the fires have it far worse. I think it will be a relief when the first snowfall hits. A good steady rain for a few days over British Columbia would help immensely.


  1. The best description of asthma I have ever read was, put a plastic bag over your head, secure it around your neck, put two pin holes in it and try breathing. You can try inhaling all you want but nothing is coming in.

  2. The air quality here in southeastern Alberta hasn't been very good the past few days. I was up in the Empress area for the morning today and was glad to be home and inside by early-afternoon. Everybody pray for rain!