Friday 11 August 2017

Everybody should take a rural ferry

Especially in a place like this. I cannot state just how beautiful this spot was. Wonderful view as I descended down the road to wait for the ferry. I just wish I could have captured the scenery here a bit better. The Weldon Ferry crosses the South Saskatchewan River. It took a bit of driving down rural gravels to get here. Of course when I did cross over the side turned out to be paved. 

There is not a lot anchoring a ferry.

Gorgeous spot. I loved it except for the bugs. Saskatchewan has lots of nasty plus size insects. While talking to the ferry operator I was bitten by horseflies. After my trip my car was plastered with insect remains.

Cable tower.


  1. I'm adding this one to the Crowfoot Ferry on my list of must visit out of the way sights in Canada. Then, on to the Faroe Islands!

    1. This got me thinking about the Crowfoot Ferry and I noticed the Closed signs are removed from the sign on the Trans. I am going to ride it for the heck of it someday soon.

  2. That water looks high, BW... was it muddy? Might be worth throwing a hook in to do some fishin'...