Monday 21 August 2017

Ukrainian Orthodox Mission of St. Peter and St. Paul 1934

Krydor, Saskatchewan July 15, 2017. The construction of the church was approved in 1934, it was not completed until 1945. I admire the perseverance. There is a sign in front detailing the history of the church. From what I could find I believe it is still being used. Krydor itself is practically a ghost town.


  1. Such a beautiful old church. It is nice to know it is still being used and appreciated.

  2. I love these churches, excellent find. Cute little bell tower.

  3. BW,

    Nothing says 'Canadian Prairie' like a UO church. I always know I am home when I see them popping up on the landscape.

    1. Different groups influenced areas and left their mark in distinctive ways. Churches are one of these. I do like seeing these churches. They are interesting.

  4. My father was born here in 1929 and lived here in Krydor until age 7.