Tuesday 29 August 2017

How fast can you go on a 2006 Suzuki Burgman 650?

Fast enough that the Blood Indian Police requested that my presence was required for an unscheduled mandatory discussion regarding my apparent disregard for the posted limit. The Kainai Nation, or Blood Tribe, has a large reserve in Alberta that runs right up against Cardston, Alberta. Which is where they caught me. In my defense the motorcycle has a digital display with a black readout on a greyish background. If the sun is shining right on it I cannot see it so there are times I have no idea how fast I am going.

I am always polite with law enforcement. It may not be the greatest job in the world and I want to be one of those easy to deal with types. Why make their day worse? Being reasonably cooperative is less hassle all around. After digging out the standard paperwork and handing over my license I was let off with no fine and a polite request to drive the limit. He was nice enough to let me get a photo of his unit. I can recommend getting pulled over by the Blood Indian Police and I give them a positive review for their professionalism and not fining me.

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  1. You're lucky you didn't get a driving award this time!