Tuesday 16 June 2015

The Bow River, near Bow City, Alberta, June 13, 2015

There is no Bow City. There once was, for about two years about one hundred years ago. It is supposed to be near the site where I took this photo. 

There was coal mining at Bow City however the operation never amounted to much. I thought there might have been a sign marking where the town once was. There is nothing except empty prairie. I read that there are foundations of where the town had been. Bow City is also the site of a recent geological discovery. Apparently there is an large ancient crater from a meteor strike. I had no idea where to look for that either. I had done a little research but what you read about a site and when you actually get there can often be very different. On the plus side, it was a nice warm day.


  1. That is just a few miles upstream from my Grandfathers homestead, in the Rainer district. Magnificent country, if you know how to look.

    1. You are certainly welcome to point me in the right direction. Suggestions are appreciated. My email is listed on this site.

  2. Wouldn't mind spending a couple of hours there fishing. Beautiful spot.