Tuesday 30 June 2015

Interesting school marker near Enchant, Alberta June 13, 2015

I was a bit surprised by the condition of the sign. The Province of Alberta usually takes pride in keeping historical markers in much better shape. 

Kasimir School

"Kasimir School District#1984, established on 29 July 1909, was the first organization in this region after homesteading commenced in 1907. Many of the early settlers came from the United States, especially North and South Dakota. The first school was located 8 miles south of Travers (NW 7-14-19-W4) on land donated by K. Mckenzie, and was named after Kasimir Sander, one of the first homesteaders from North Dakota. The first teacher was Mr. Hooper and his salary was $55.00 per month. 

The nearby town of Enchant developed only after the Canadian Pacific Railway built a branch line from Medicine Hat in 1914. Thus Kasimir School represented the sole focus of community life in the important pioneer period, in addition to expressing optimism for the future of the commumity. It survived independently until late in 1936, when declining attendence led to the area's inclusion in Taber Consolidated School District #6. Removed to Circle Hill, some 8 miles east of Enchant, the building continued to serve as a school but later became part of the community hall."

The photo on the sign says it is from 1912.

Even more interesting when you consider Alberta only became a province in 1905. 

The marker in the photo below was right beside the sign. 


  1. Shows how important a school was back then. Not only for the children, but for the people in the area to connect, help and get to know each other. Schools now-a-days are basically daycare centers where kids are dropped off and forgotten about.

  2. Love your page BW! I ran across this site just a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get much info but your info from the sign (that isn't there now, unfortunately...) gave me some great info.

    Keep exploring like I do. Love it!