Monday 1 June 2015

Danish Lutheran Church, Vega, Alberta

Vega, Alberta May 16, 2015 road trip to the Klondyke Ferry with my cousin and her friend. This was a stop along the way. I like to check out old schools and churches among other things. There is a trailer off to the side of the church, the kind you see on construction sites. There was someone at the trailer and what sounded like a generator running. Whoever it was ignored our presence. I looked and did not find anything saying when the church was built. I am reasonably sure it is Danish in origin.

I am not overly religious however I have a certain fondness for churches. Right front window.

Left front window.

The church was unlocked so I took a couple of inside photos. Not sure if this is being renovated or torn down. The pews are gone and I get the feeling it is being parted out. I hope it is saved in some form or another. 

I really like the look of this. There is something about the simple artwork.


  1. Goodness - I hope they save those wonderful windows!!!

  2. It’s Dutch. My family settled and farmed in Vega in the 1920’s and lives there into the 90’s. My parents were married there in 1974.