Tuesday 16 June 2015

Impala notes

Recently a light showed up on the dash showing a tire symbol. Saturday another symbol lit up showing a picture of a oil can and a wrench. I had the oil changed recently at a place that just does oil changes since I currently lack a place to do it myself. I figured it was time I paid attention to this stuff. Today I checked all of the tires, all were over 37 psi except for one. Apparently when you get your oil changed and ask them to check the tire pressure that is too complicated these days for someone to do that right. I corrected the tire pressure to the correct settings. The light on the dash still came on. 

I ignored that for now and turned my attention to the other symbol. All of the fluid levels were fine. So they must not have reset whatever it is you reset when you get the oil changed. After flipping through the manual, then consulting Google, apparently you reset the oil change indicator on a 2003 Impala through the radio controls. The radio? After reading that again I confirmed it was via the radio controls. You reset the tire indicator as well that way. Some quick trial and error I reset everything and all was right with the world. Makes me wonder who designs this stuff. 

1 comment:

  1. Smart looking it up yourself - would have cost you a small fortune to have a garage do it. Who designed it? Probably a cousin of the idiot who designed Windows 8.