Tuesday 9 June 2015

Markerville, Alberta, June 7, 2015

Originally Tindastoll now known as Markerville. Settled in 1888 by fifty Icelanders. In 1899, the Tindastoll Butter & Cheese Association opened. The original creamer burnt down in 1902 and was rebuilt in 1902 with the guidance of the Dairy Commisioner, Dr. C.P. Marker. The name was changed to Markerville in his honour. The creamery closed down in 1972.

This place is a hidden gem. There are less than fifty people who live here and the whole town is immaculately maintained. The whole place looks like a park. I will be going back for a return visit.

Original building on someone's yard.

Lutheran Church built in 1907.

The church is open to the public. It is fully restored. Note the cross.

Everything was so perfect I was hesitant to walk further inside for fear of disturbing something.

The whole town is literally like a park.

The Markerville Creamery which is now a museum. There are creamery tours and you can buy ice cream there. I was there with my friend on our motorcycles. He had to try the ice cream and said it is well worth coming back for the ice cream alone.

Original 1939 IHC ice cream delivery truck that was donated to the museum. It was used for deliveries from 1939 to 1941.

This was in the back of the creamery. Some things you run across just need a photo. 


  1. What a marvelous find! And that church - wow! And to top it all off there is ice cream!

  2. My Grandma was born in Iceland in 1906 and my Mother-in-law's father was as well, he settled in Markerville. This is a must see for me. Thank you for sharing.