Friday 19 June 2015

Taking a stand

There are times when the urge overcomes me and I cave to my baser desires. When that happens and I can hold off no longer I go forth to satisfy my inner demons. Unfotunately when I breakdown entirely and go to buy a bottle of Coke sometimes there is only Pepsi available. 

I cannot do it. 

I cannot drink Pepsi. 

I rarely drink Coke but when I want one do not suggest Pepsi. It will not do and I would rather go without. It is not the same and will never be the same nor will it be a substitute. To me there is not compromise with some things. My mustard has to be French's, my ketchup has to be Heinz, and my detrimental-to-my-health carbonated beverage has to be Coke. Not diet either. The guy in the store next to me used to stock Coke, now it is Pepsi. He has lost my business. After work I will keep on driving and store hopping until I find what I am looking for. This is one of those times. Some  things are worth the sacrifice.

1 comment:

  1. Try to find Coke in the glass bottles and stash them away. Around here they are only sold around Christmas time. The taste is so much better than what is in the regular cans.