Wednesday 30 March 2022

Swift Creek School 1908

A little northwest of Carlyle, Saskatchewan. One of the places that I got to strike off my list. The gravel roads were a little damp and there were snow drifts in the fields. I got out of my vehicle and thought I would get a closer look. There was snow in the ditch but there was a clear patch in front. I took my first step on the snow and it was solid footing. My second step I sank up to my hip.

I looked inside the door and did not venture any further. It was not in great condition and I did not feel like testing how safe it was. I thought it was a brick building. The brick is on the outside of a wood building.

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  1. Interesting that they would cover wood with bricks. Wonder why, although I suppose it could have been a means of preservation, or maybe simply making it easier to heat.