Sunday 27 March 2022

Cedar Creek School 1928 - 1953

Cedar Creek School is located northwest of Dapp, Alberta.  It is a log structure and was constructed in the 1920s.  It operated from 1928 until 1954 when students were bussed to Jarvie. The school is near total collapse and the landowner has added what looks like an apiary on the grounds.

Eventually everything fades away.

Dale RedeKopp
Lynn Redekopp


  1. Thanks for posting - I was recently wondering whether there was anything left of this school. I grew up on a farm very close to here (it is right on the corner of our "south quarter") and sometimes played in the abandoned school when I was young. My great uncle farmed about a mile away and was the driving force behind creating the school when his children were approaching school age, with no other school in the area. My father attended it briefly in 1930, when it was new and was only open during the summers.

    "Cedar Creek" has been used as a description of the area ever since the school was built, but it's actually a misnomer. The nearby creek was known as "Seatter Creek" because it ran through the land of Jock Seatter, the first settler in the area. Somehow "Seatter" became "Cedar" when the school was registered (not a cedar within 50 miles, as far as I know).