Sunday 20 March 2022

Road tripping

I took Monday off. Left after work on Friday to head out. I stopped at home to change and threw my stuff into the SUV. My plan was to explore in the Regina, Saskatchewan area. I drove from Leduc to The Battlefords, to Saskatoon then to Regina. I miscalculated. I thought I would arrive in Regina about 6:00am to 7:00am. I got to Regina a little after 2:00am. I was even driving the speed limit. Well, there was a number of sites I wanted to check out in the Moosomin, Saskatchewan area. I thought I would just keep driving.

Got to Moosomin too early, about 4:30am. And that was after being slowed down due to fog outside of Regina. Only thing open is a gas station in Moosomin. Catnapped in the vehicle and then waited until a fast food place that offered breakfast was open at 7:00am. Beautiful sunrise and once I was fortified with coffee and a greasy breakfast I decided to keep at it. Explored parts of the southwestern corner of Manitoba and the southeastern corner of Saskatchewan. Managed to cross some stuff off my list. A few places were not accessible due to muddy roads and drifted snow.

If I wanted a choice of decent hotels I had to hoof it to Regina. Pulled into a hotel lot, walked in and waited for the two people ahead of me to be served. I was ever so slightly concerned they might get booked up when I got my turn. First person at the desk ahead of me registered and went to pay and their card was declined. Same with the second person. No idea how things turned out for them. I did not have that problem and I got my room.

It was an interesting day.


  1. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos from that trip!

  2. I gather you drove through the night, not something I could do. Lucky you could get coffee at 7 am.