Tuesday 29 March 2022

Errant thoughts

I am on Instagram under the name BWBandy. I only follow other photography sites. I got a message from someone on Instagram wanting me to sell them the name BWBandy. I checked out their page, it looks like someone promoting music. I have no interest in selling the name and I have been using it for years. I thought about replying, instead I just deleted the message.

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Dropped off mine at the accountant last week. I have done my own for years, then the last few years a few things got more complicated with filing, so I outsourced it. My accountant phoned me to tell me my return was ready. That never happens that quickly, usually they hold onto it for a month. I asked the important question, do I owe anything? Yes I do, and more than I thought I would. If I made more money over the last year I would like to know where it is hiding. For once I would like someone to cut taxes. Maybe I should make up some dependents.

The Hyundai after its recent repairs will need a brake job. I am tired of getting hit with more than the usual monthly expenses. I will see if I can put it off for a month or two.

Tried to get out for a short drive. That accomplished nothing, some of the backroads in my area are soft and getting muddy. There is a lot of water sitting in farm fields. I will be waiting for the roads to dry.

I type up posts, format them, preview them, then set them to post. A lot of time when I look at a post after it has published I notice the font sizes are out of whack or the text is not justified. Then I have to do a quick correct because that kind of thing bothers me. I do not know why Blogger wants to do this to me.

I get some interesting emails sometimes, aside from the comments I get on this blog. I have an email that I only use for professional correspondence. I got an email from Walmart for someone in Cheney, Washington state confirming their order. They have the same last name and same first initial, it is a legitimate email. Someone managed to key in my email address instead. Another email to delete. I am sure they will get it figured out on their end.

A few years ago I got an email chain from a university in Texas confirming my enrolment, confirming payment, setting up orientation, and a list of textbooks for the courses that someone had signed up for. I never responded to any of them. I guess I could have attended since I was signed up for everything but I already went to school long enough to get a degree, I did not feel like taking classes again. Eventually the emails stopped. I deleted the emails long ago and I cannot remember what school it was.


  1. I rarely get emails or correspondence meant for someone else, but a few years ago a car rental company phoned me, very aggressively demanding money for damage to a rental car that I had rented while in Ontario. Of course, I did not just fearfully whip out my credit card and pay, but told them to email me a copy of every document in the file on the matter. Turned out the whole thing related to some car rented in Ontario by a guy from New York. Somebody had just stuck his info in my file. So that was the end of that! Jerks.

  2. Oh the dreaded taxes - I hate them even though ours is pretty basic. I still haul them to H&R Block and let them worry about it. She does something called income splitting which works hugely to our advantage and would be totally out of my brain power to figure out.
    I've noticed the same things happening with my blog too and often end up with print sizes that are absolutely huge. It's a pain to go back and undertake a fix but, like you, I simply have to.

  3. Taxes are...taxing. I'm in the same boat as you are, BW, owing more than last year and wondering why. Except that I know why -- taxes went up. And then there are the excise taxes on gasoline and the price of gasoline.

  4. 1. The money is hiding in the fixed SUV, high gas prices, and higher food prices. The tax bill is always the last one you pay, all the other bills are in front of it.

    Blogger is being your significant other - just keeping you in touch with your inner angst.

    All those type of emails wind up in my spam. I never get to see them.

  5. This may be the first time I've seen those ruins in the winter. It looks pretty cool. To bad the snow was too deep to get a shot of the old truck.