Tuesday 22 March 2022

Road tripping

Road trip to exotic parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba had to be cut short for a few reasons. One reason is gas is gas is damn expensive. One spot in Manitoba was $1.789/litre. Driving long distances cuts into the budget really quick. If this keeps up I might have to rethink traveling anywhere.

When I got up in Regina Sunday morning the forecast mentioned rain. Rain was not in the original forecast before I set out on this trip. Such is spring in Canada. Later in the day when I was north of Regina it did sprinkle. The gravel roads that I was on were soft enough so I thought I would wander back in the general direction home. From a little west of Kenaston to a little west of Outlook, Saskatchewan it did rain. I checked the forecast for my home area and a snowfall warning was in place. That was not in the forecast of a few days ago either.

More rain and a bit of snow mixed with the rain the further I traveled. I was a few hours from home and decided to grab a hotel Sunday night rather than drive through the snowstorm at night, not to mention one of my headlights died. On the way home yesterday parts of the highway were a bit of a mess with snow and icy sections. It was melting quickly. The highways were fine closer to Edmonton.

I spent more than I intended on gas. My preferred hotel chain is a bit more expensive. Hopefully it is a decent summer for motorcycle trips to counter the cost.


  1. Weather-wise, it's always iffy to travel on the prairies in March and April. You never know what kind of conditions you'll encounter.

  2. Everything is more expensive and I agree that road trips have to be thought about carefully with the price of gas. Hotels are more expensive as well as restaurants. Our #1 son is a chef and it's a constant worry with the food prices increasing and them trying to maintain some sort of profit margin without alienating the buying public who don't seem to understand that the costs are going up.