Friday 25 March 2022

Cameron, Manitoba elevator 1902

It said Cameron on Google Maps. There is nothing there except an elevator in the middle of a field. The elevator has Five Roses Flour on one side and Lake of the Woods Milling Co Limited on the other side.


  1. One wonders why it would be sitting in the middle of a field with nothing around it. Interesting that it has the two names.

    1. There was once a rail line here. I could not see any evidence of it when I was here.

  2. Cameron may not ever have been a town or a village. May have always just been a named railway siding with a grain elevator. I'm sure the tracks were pulled up years ago.

  3. Interesting signage. May have been owned by the milling company. Here is a bit on the history of the milling company from Five Roses Flour website:
    "In 1954, The Ogilvie Flour Mills acquired Lake of the Woods Milling Company, along with its best-selling flour brand. Five Roses remained a part of the Ogilvie family until 1994 when The Archer Daniels Midland Company bought the entire Ogilvie operation. Five Roses flour continued to prove itself time and again as the leading Canadian flour choice. In 2007, the Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. acquired the Five Roses brand"