Thursday 31 March 2022

Mercury truck

Outside of Rosetown, Saskatchewan on every highway in ever direction from about ten miles outside Rosetown you will see various old trucks with Rosetown Towing on the side advertising their services. This is one of them.

All of the trucks are different old trucks. This one is a Mercury. I like seeing them.


  1. It's been around the block a few times!

  2. Notice that there are NO DENTS in the body anywhere because they use HEAVY gauge sheet metal back then. Built to last and nobody cared how much it weighed.

  3. The Mercury trucks are very rare in the SE US. In the early 90's I got the bug to find one to restore. I went as far a Arizona to look at a beat up Mercury truck that I thought was too far gone. I couldn't find a Mercury so I ended up with a 52 Ford F2. It was the oldest vehicle I had attempted to restore. I blew my budget as the cost ended up being over twice what I had planned to spend. It almost cost me my marriage. The first car show it won it's class and I got an offer that was about three times what I had invested. That was 3 classic cars ago.

    1. A 74 Stingray convertible. It has 47k miles and has been in a storage locker for 40 years. It was not prepped for storage and I have to go through everything.

  4. Sweet! Just the right degree of rust (at least as far as I'm concerned).