Wednesday 1 July 2020


Lots of rain this year. Tried to drop out to see someone at their farm this morning and I had to abort the mission. Continuous rain today (added to previous rainy days) has turned some of the parts of gravel roads into mud pits. I got close and gave them a call and said I would try again in a day or two when it hopefully dries up a bit and turned back. After that I then dropped in on my mother and made sure she was supplied with groceries. It rained the entire time I was there and on the way back. The sky finally broke and the sun made an appearance late this afternoon. There are pools of water sitting in the fields.

Most everything is lush and green.

On the plus side the Canola is starting to make fields yellow.


  1. Better rain than drought.

  2. It's wonderful to see things so green but on the other hand flooding isn't a good thing either. Seems to be a case of feast or famine these days.