Thursday 23 July 2020

Maxstone, Saskatchewen

If anything else existed in Maxstone all there is now is a church and a school. I made a weekend trip with this as my target. I got there and got five photos before it started to rain. Actually it poured. I retreated into my truck and tried to get photos out an open window. The rain came in at a forty-five degree angle. After wiping water off my camera lens multiple times I finally gave up.

There is a number to contact someone for a tour of the church. If I am back in the area I will call it. The church is original inside, it did not appear locked but I could not get access. A project for another time.


  1. To build something to abandon it....sad but leaves beautiful "footprints" to trace the path of the men and woman that lived in the area generations ago.

    1. I had those same feeling at the National Navajo Monument in Arizona. They came, built something real and abandoned it within a few years.

  2. Ah the year of the rains. It may yet be remembered for the rain ☔ as readily as it is remembered for COVID-19. The rain was your friend though as it gave you spectacular shots. I especially like the close up photos of the old church.

  3. Great photos! The church against that forbidding sky is pretty spectacular.

  4. I think the actual townsite is about half a km south on the other side of the tracks. Neither Goog nor Bing identify it, but a railway siding scar is visible, and there is still activity there.