Friday 24 July 2020

A few minutes in Neidpath, Saskatchewan

I have been to and posted Neidpath before. On my way home from Assiniboia, Saskatchewan I found myself driving by this spot. This is a ghost town. The elevators are looking worse for the wear from a few years ago. One is missing a section of roof. Hopefully they stand for a few years yet.


  1. Abandoned grain elevators, I imagine they are still growing grain. I wonder what they do with it now?

    1. They still grow crops in the area. Rail line was taken up years ago. The elevators are not in use.

    2. In the old days they'd take to the elevator and load it on a train.
      The train was gone, no reason for the elevator but the grain is still being grown.
      How do they move the grain today?

  2. Two elevators so close to each other. One wonders why they wouldn't actually put them together. Perhaps concern for fire?