Sunday 19 July 2020

I now qualify for age discounts

I very recently got older. Actually everyday you get older. I got officially older by another year a few days ago when I hit the double nickel. Or you could say I am now fifty-five. I swear I do no look a day over fifty-four.

I celebrate this birthday like I like to celebrate all my birthdays, spending it by myself. I am not anti-social or unsocial, I just like to spend the day doing something I want to do.

I took a road trip to very rural Saskatchewan doing the usual things that provide material for this blog. Like most things in 2020 there were issues. The day before leaving I got an oil change on my truck by an oil change place on my way to work. I discovered a puddle of oil under the truck in the parking lot at my office a few hours later. A local shop that I deal with fixed their stupidity and topped up the oil. I should have gone to them in the first place but I thought they were not open because the the owner/operator had recently got out of the hospital.

The first day on my trip went well. Beautiful weather and I crossed a few places off my list. The next day it rained. Multiple times during the day it rained. I had checked the forecast several times before I took this trip, it was supposed to be warm and sunny. I got fed up and cut my trip short and drove home.

The highlight of the trip was meeting up with a friend of mine for dinner. Enough things worked out to make it worthwhile.  


  1. I've long thought that a persons birthday was their day! For many years I used vacation time to take my birthday off.
    Enjoy the discounts!

  2. Happy Birthday! Get yourself one of those t-shirts that say: "I'm 55+. Gimme my damn discount!"

  3. Happy birthday! I'm a little over 2 years behind you.

    That's the way to spend a birthday - doing what YOU want to do.

  4. Enjoy it young man, I turn 74 in three weeks.

  5. Happy belated birthday. I can relate to how you like to celebrate, or not. We tried a short road trip yesterday and were also rained out.

  6. Happy (albeit now belated) birth day wishes. We share the same birth month but I've been officially recognized by CPP and OAS for a year now. Kinda nice to get paid to be old by the government!

  7. Meeting up for supper was a good time...the wine, steaks and company were second to none. Cheers!