Thursday 2 July 2020

Meacham, Saskatchewan

Post from Dale and Lynn Redekopp.

"Meacham is a village in Saskatchewan located about 70km east of Saskatoon. Meacham’s population in 2011 was 84. The village is known for the Dancing Sky Theatre and the Hand Wave Gallery which are both active and also the museum which is open by appointment only.

Also of interest is the grain elevator as well as two churches. The Ascension of our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church which was built in 1952 is still used for special occasions. Across the street is the abandoned and de-consecrated St. Edwards Roman Catholic Church. Cemeteries for both churches are located just east of town on Koob Rd.

The Dormition of St. Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church and cemetery are located about 1KM northwest of town."


  1. Not that I'm OCD or anything, but if I lived in Meacham, that crooked cross on top of the Ukrainian church would drive me mental until someone got up there and straightened it.

  2. The decorative painting inside the church is beautiful!

  3. The church looks quite plain on the outside but the inside is amazingly ornate....beautiful!