Friday 10 July 2020

Mount Joy School, Saskatchewan

This had been on my list for some time. This is located northwest of Ogema, Saskatchewan. The last time I was in this area I was on a motorcycle. This stone school is on a gravel road and my transportation at the time was really not suited for long stretches of gravel. On the weekend of June 20, 2020 I was in my truck and I was not going to miss this. For anyone that likes rural abandoned stuff Saskatchewan is the place to go.

Photos are in no particular order.


  1. Perhaps a naïve question, but why does Saskatchewan have so many abandoned places ?
    I've traveled a lot off the beaten path thru western Ontario and southern Manitoba , and central Manitoba as far north as Thompson, but not very much in Saskatchewan, and didn't see anything close to the abandonment you photograph in Saskatchewan so well.
    Just curious ??

    1. Saskatchewan has a small population, Alberta has about 4.1M people, Saskatchewan has about 1.1M people. Saskatchewan had many years of Socialist governments where it had negative population growth. Many small places had a hard time surviving, some thrived, others did not. People tended to move to more successful areas. There are many reasons. These are a few.

  2. Love it!
    I need more time in shooting fish in a barrel finding something photo worthy! What a weird saying...

  3. That place calls out for restoration!

  4. Took some time to build that!

  5. What an beaut of a building. Wish someone would restore it and make it into a home.

  6. Now that's something to write home about! What a beauty!

  7. At first I thought it was a house - interesting shape for a schoolhouse. Too bad someone wouldn't restore it and live in it.