Wednesday 29 July 2020

Ghost town Saskatchewan - St. Boswells

Ghost town with zero residents and a couple of buildings. The townsite was fenced off.

The plaque on the town marker reads:

"Settlement of the St. Boswells' district began in 1908. The original townsite consisting of a post office, store, and a blacksmith shop, was first located on the northwest quarter of 16-12-7. It was named after Alex Dow's former home in Scotland. In 1918 because of the intended Canadian National Railway route it was moved to this location.

St. Boswells, a thriving village from 1919 to 1929, slowly began diminishing in size. During its best years it boasted five elevators, a curling and skating rink, lumberyard, bank, town hall, garages, hotel, blacksmith shop, livery stable, cafe, hardware, grocery and drygoods stores, laundry, pool hall and barbershop, drugstore, doctor and dentist offices, two churches and a school. The town hall and cement sidewalks are all that remain."

Supposedly the best water in the area. I did not indulge.

Two old buildings that might belong to the town.


  1. Picture of the pump reminds me of the town pump near our house in a village in Sask where I lived. The water was very "hard".

  2. Grew up with one of those pumps - used daily for much of our water needs. The coldest water imaginable.