Wednesday 11 April 2018

Weyburn Court House

Verbatim from the Government of Saskatchewan brass plaque outside the court house:

"Weyburn Court House was designed by provincial architect Maurice Sharon in a distinctive colonial style. Constructed in 1928, this elegant building expressed the confident aspirations of Saskatchewan towns in the last good harvest year before the depression.

Colonial Revival in architecture was inspired by American historic reconstruction at Williamsburg, Virginia. The construction of court houses in this style at Prince Albert, Weyburn and Estevan in the late 1920s symbolized the growing influence of the United States on the cultural and economic life of the province."

Weyburn Court House is a Provincial Heritage Property and in twenty-five words or less: "It's a beauty!"


  1. I love legislatures, old court houses and old post offices (to the extent they still exist in small towns), especially on the prairies. Well, any old historical government building, really.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Thanks, Debra.