Monday 2 April 2018

Update from a prior post

Sometimes I get an unexpected email from someone about a prior post. Like this one:

"I have seen your webpage of St. Peter’s on the internet.

This morning the new website for the historic church and cemetery went live. The address is
The site contains: the church history, the list of pastors, photos, directions, cemetery headstone photos and contact information.

When you were there in 2015 to take the pictures there were building materials on the floor in the church. These were used that year to make the repairs up in the steeple. The hail damage you talk about on the siding was actually damage done by a woodpecker in the spring of 2014. This has been repaired. There are repairs planned for the crown scheduled for this spring.

Thank for supplying this information earlier. In saying this you can log on to our site and watch for any repairs in the photo section of the facility."

I looked back on the post he was referring to. My first thought was that I can do better. The photos and the text should be better. This is a really nice spot and I will definitely revisit and post it. I will be sure to check out their site. Receiving email like this is always interesting.

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  1. It's always gratifying when an archived post still gets comments and feedback!