Sunday 29 April 2018

Dan McCharles Park

A small city park in Medicine Hat, Alberta that is hidden in plain sight. On one side of the park is a busy street with lots of traffic and on the other side an established neighbourhood. On early mornings and late evenings it is considerably quieter and quite pleasant . . . a nice place to watch sunrise or moonrise.

At one end of the long and narrow park is a mosaic tiled fountain and pond dedicated to the pioneer doctor Dan McCharles (1891-1962), while the other end is home to a modern metal sculpture. Also present in the park is a Heritage Tree, a large Dragon Spruce situated near the pond.

One of my favourite spots to sip a coffee on an early summer morning while watching the deer.

Lots of green in the photos (which were taken during the summer of 2017). Yes folks, summer is coming!

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