Wednesday 25 April 2018

Some Saskatchewan School Signs

At one time there were over five thousand school districts in the province of Saskatchewan. Many of these schools were located in what now seems like "the middle of nowhere," but at the time they were built, each of these little one-room schools would have been surrounded by several homesteads. Another school was often located just four or five miles away.

The kids' dad might drive them to school in a horse and buggy, or maybe they'd walk or ride horseback each morning while carrying a lunch their mom had packed in a tin pail. After school they'd most likely have chores to do before supper, then homework by candlelight or oil lamp followed by bedtime.

Those were different times.

Although most of the school buildings are now gone, signs have been erected at many of the former school locations. A special thanks to those who have taken the time and effort to raise these signs which I always find such a welcome sight on my back road travels.

"Thank you" for remembering the past.

The photo above is Gascoigne School and is near Burstall.

Pine Coulee School is in the Shaunavon area.

Observation School is near the ghost town of Tunstall.

Oadas School is in the Fox Valley area.

Braddock School is near the ghost town of Braddock.

Neidpath School is southwest of Neidpath.

Highfield School is north of Burnham.

Westdale School is near Lake Alma.

Sidewood School is near the ghost town of Sidewood.


  1. I like the way that area is remembering its roots.

  2. Replies
    1. I've found dozens of historical school markers and each new one brightens up my day. Thanks, Debra!

  3. Nice! You know I am a fan of historical markers.

    1. Yes I do, Jenn! Knowing where they are located is great, but running across one by chance is a real thrill. You know what that's like, right!?

  4. I like the way that the school Signs arranged. We can easily find the way by this root sign. If this isn't on the road feel the trouble we have to pay. This is really awesome.