Monday 30 April 2018

Road trippin'

I had a great weekend road trip. The back roads are dry and the snow is gone. This is the first time I took the truck out for an extended drive. Everything works as it should. I need to fix the locking tonneau cover. Other than that everything seems to be solid. The last owner has all terrain tires on it. When the time comes to replace them I may go for footwear that is more civilized since most of the time it will be driven on pavement. I suffered a bit of sticker shock filling it with gas. My car has a small tank and the truck does not and is harder on gas. That is to be expected.

I managed to get from Airdrie to Sibbald, Alberta, go a bit south into Saskatchewan to Empress, Alberta, from there to Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan and end up in Medicine Hat, Alberta for Saturday night. Sunday was the trip home.

If interested, this is at 50.748100, -110.064339 on April 28, 2018.


  1. One of my favourite landscapes...on the road to somewhere. Sounds like a nice trip and probably a real treat after the brutal winter.

  2. That's a good picture...