Wednesday 29 June 2016

Weather station

Sometimes in the middle of absolute nowhere you find some odd sights. My friend and I were out on May 16, 2016 along Highway 501 and took a side road to look at an abandoned house. Just off in the field is a government weather station. I kind of expected something more sophisticated. Whoever has to check on this thing has a long drive.


  1. They are awesome. I used to look after remote weather and air monitoring stations back in the day of archaic data loggers with tractor feed paper, and air quality analyzers as big as dishwashers. Back then they put all the instrumentation inside those heated ATCO trailers because the instruments had to be kept warm to operate. The machines were forever breaking down and I put more time on the road than YOU do as I toured around the province fixing them. It was actually a sweet little job except that I lived in a truck away from my family.

    One app I like is Wind Finder. It gathers data from these remote sites, and gives you a micro-forecast for the locale of that station.
    Because I fly RC planes, I get my weather data from a station called 'Oliver AGDM'... located about a mile or two away from our airfield. It's good for planning motorcycle trips too.

  2. That is very is Mr. Filthie's history.

    I too was involved with the reading/measuring of the 6th grade camp I was the weather girl! I had to read all the equipment outside and report to the camp at breakfast each morning...yes that's right...LOL Camp Redwood Glenn~; )

    1. When I was a kid the village brat got an amateur weather station for kids and he took his new role on with all the seriousness of a pro. He was constantly butting heads with Accu-Weather and when he did, he usually got the best of it. Once we were in for -30C (according to Accu-Weather) and Deaner predicted a freak 3 day chinook. EVERYONE took the little climatologist seriously after that!

      Lisa: can you speak to that no-good husband of yours? I need to borrow some supplies for a secret mission I have in Coopville on Friday:
      - 1000 rounds of 7.62mm NATO ammunition
      - 40 lbs. of C4 (Semtex is fine if he doesn't have the C4)
      - and maybe that sweet .41 Magnum he has...(on second thought, I better not, he wouldn't get that on back and then the fight would be on!)

      There is a reckoning coming on Friday night! ;)

    2. Mr. Coopville you say? I will NOT speak to my husband...I will arm Chickenmom and her flock to the TEETH though! Beware of Feathers Flocking Sir!!!: P

  3. Must have been a bummer in the Winter....

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