Tuesday 7 June 2016

Comrey, Alberta Part One

The results of a May 14, 2016 road trip. Southwest of Medicine Hat, Alberta is Seven Persons. Further south is Orion. Further south and a little east is Manyberries. Due south on Range Road 63 almost to the corner of Range Road 62 and a little north of Township Road 22 is what remains of Comrey, Alberta. 

There is not much to find on the history of this place. It was established in 1910. The dotted line at the bottom of the map is the Canada/USA border. Back in the day there was bootlegging in this area. There is what once was a school on the west side of Range Road 62 and a cemetery almost opposite. This is a lonely and remote place. 

This is the school. There was an addition added to turn it into a community centre. I doubt if it has been used in years. There are not many people in this area. In Alberta it is common to see markers where schools once stood stating the name of the school and when it operated. There is no marker for this one.

This is just in the upper right corner of the intersection of Range Road 62 and Township Road 22.

This was on Township 22 just barely east of the intersection. It looks like an old livery stable. An online source says it used to be a hall for a fraternal order that was moved from another town. It was definitely used as a barn in its last incarnation. I have never seen a barn of this type before. From what I have been able to find out there was a farmhouse on this property. The place is definitely abandoned.

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  1. These are awesome! They look lonely...the schoolhouse curtains, they get to me. splayed out like a spiderweb....the whitewash, or paint off the front...the tiny windows.

    The barn has the strangest front, like they tried to make it look like an old storefront at one point, but did not change the material or add paint...I don't know, but odd....this is a different place, with a rather odd feel to me. I want to see more please!