Friday 24 June 2016

Unknown cemetery June 18, 2016

I was looking for whatever came my way when I was travelling south on Range Road 103 south of Township Road 523 which is north of Innisfree, Alberta. Just off to my right I spotted a cemetery. No name on it that I could see. No remains of a church nearby either.

You can see a large cross past the gate. The cemetery itself looks like it is in a little hollow. Was there a church or it is a family cemetery? Questions, questions.

I really wanted to check it out. A sign off to the side said "No Trespass". I was not sure if it meant not to trespass on the cemetery or the farmland right beside it. The way the sign was placed it could have referred to either. I erred on the side of caution and made a note to return another day.


  1. Someone cut the grass - maybe it's a private family cemetery.

  2. Curious now...but I think Chickenmom may be right.