Sunday 26 June 2016

Burgman notes

This is what I ride. I get a few humourous jabs thrown my way for riding this. It is 650cc and will top out at 110mph which I know from personal experience. It also will leave you able to walk after driving it a long distance. An added benefit is the insurance is cheap.

This is one of the things I really like about it. There is enough room for two full size helmets in the top case.

This is one of the other things I love about it, room for two full size helmets under the seat. I have enough space for my luggage under the seat and all of my assorted stuff in the top case. No need for saddlebags, everything locks, and nothing gets wet.


  1. And finally...there is room for two...both for luggage and cruising...any takers? : )

    1. LOL! He'll never tell, Lisa - gotta keep an eye on the quite ones, 'ya know.....

  2. Well I'll be darned. That is serious cargo capacity BW!
    Why, if it weren't for the peer pressure from the cool kids I am failing to impress... I would ride one too