Monday 13 June 2016

Estuary Ferry June 10, 2016

So a recent road trip that I had did not really pan out. That is a post for another day. Having some time available I made a trek to the ferry in Estuary, Saskatchewan. I tried to get there earlier this year. On my earlier attempt rainfall had made the gravel road a little too soft. I did not want to risk getting stuck.

I left Empress, Alberta and approached the ferry from the north. It is not a lot of gravel road. The weather was perfect. The map marks a town called Estuary. There was a town there at one time. Now there is a couple of abandoned buildings and some farms.

I like the look of just taking a photo of my road map and posting it. 

Road signs in rural Saskatchewan look a little beat up and in need of care.

I was a little concerned about the road on the other side. The road looked a little like a trail from where I was waiting to cross and I am driving a car. There was a young woman manning the ferry. She could use some work on her tourism skills since she was not overly friendly. I think people should be encouraged to visit out of the way places like this and people you encounter should be a little more accommodating. I was informed that the road was in fine shape and I was about fifteen minutes from Leader, Saskatchewan. 

Looking out over the South Saskatchewan River.

Simple small cable ferry and a short crossing. My view from the south side.

This is just on the south side of the crossing. Hay was baled and being taken off the fields. In the background is a semi-trailer with a load of hay.

One of the leftovers from when there was a town here.


  1. Great photos, BW! Love that house!!!

  2. My mother taught in Insinger, Lorlie & Estuary about 55 years ago.

    According to the web, they're all ghost towns now. Thanks for the photos.