Sunday 26 June 2016

I might just live

My eyes popped open this morning about five-thirty in the a.m. and I immediately became aware of a splitting headache.

A little background. I was close to being killed off in a car accident in 1994. I driving down a secondary highway enjoying a summer day with no deadline to get anywhere. A guy on a side road drove through a stop sign and hit the car dead centre on the passenger side nearly slicing the car in half. Nothing was broken and I did not end up in the hospital. My neck was another story. I had horrible headaches almost daily for two years.

The frequency of the headaches tapered off over the years. I still get them it is just rare when they occur. This morning there was no escape from the pain. No position was comfortable. I tried sleeping it off. The pain kept waking me up. It felt like the vertebrae in my neck had suffered muliple fractures. It is very hard to focus and concentrate when even blinking hurts. The room had a mild spin to it and my vision was off. Of course I had no drugs at my residence. I put up with it as long as I could and with a lot of pain I went to my office and threw back some drugs I had in my desk. Hours of sitting in the dark with enough medication in my system I might be getting back to the land of the living. I find that something with a muscle relaxant works the best. Sometimes nothing works except time.

I hate headaches. For the obvious reasons and that it is not a visible injury. If you have a broken limb or some visible injury it is blatant that you are in a lot of pain. People cannot see a headache and I think people at times think it is not that bad and you are exaggerating. I have to be careful with certain activities or I may wake up the next day with debilitating pain. Life goes on.


  1. How totally frightening! Wow, thank God, that you did not get more seriously injured on impact. Although, that being said, I do understand about "invisible" injury/illness. Because something is internal does not make it any less debilitating. I am so sorry you experience that kind of pain! My sister has severe migraines...and if your pain is anything like hers...I sooo feel for you!

  2. It is really difficult for others to understand the level of pain you are experiencing when there is nothing for them to see. I have arthritis that makes me want to scream now and then, but nobody would know just to look at me. I get it. And I hope you are feeling better. No fun. No fun at all.

  3. So, so sorry you get those headaches. Only someone who has them understands the pure agony they cause. Staying in complete darkness with head wrapped in ice water soaked towels helps. And ear plugs. The slightest noise sounds like cannon fire. Nothing stays down, not even water. You are right, only time helps. I hope the pain is gone and you are feeling better now, BW.

  4. Oh dear, Get to a doctor and get your brain checked for a possible stroke. What you are experiencing is not normal and you shouldn't have to suffer such pain.
    You live in Canada so you won't have to mortgage your house for medical care.
    Seriously, bite the bullet and go get it looked at, please.

    1. This post was not to draw attention to myself but more to lament that I could not get out on my motorcycle. What you say does make sense and I will make an appointment. I appreciate the concern.