Wednesday 15 June 2016

Neidpath, Saskatchewan June 10, 2016

I had some time off with no responsibilities and no obligations. I had ran across Neidpath reading some other blogs. It is a ghost town and I had a desire to see it. It is on Highway 363 kind of southeast of Swift Current. 

There used to be a railway line through here that ran by the grain elevators. There used to be two more grain elevators at one time.

I like the setting of this place so much I took photos from different angles. The sun is behind me on this one and it is late afternoon.

Abandoned church.

Abandoned house.

Another former residence. As a ghost town this is a fantastic little place. I was here in the early evening so I was here for a limited time. I really need to come back as the place turned out much better than I thought.


  1. You found a great place! This is absolutely a return ticket! I would love to see more...these are wonderful. Totally enjoy the same thing from different angles. Super post BW!

  2. Nice shots! Awesome to see the town again. Of all the abandoned burgs we've visited this one touched us as something extra special. Love the place.

  3. Fantastic photographs, BW! I love how the grain elevators stand tall against the prairie sky!

  4. Like reading your blog to learn about the interesting places you discover. It encourages me to get out and explore my surroundings.

    1. Thank you. There are some interesting sights out there.

  5. I'd swear that if you hadn't said that this was Saskatchewan that it was in Nebraska.