Tuesday 21 June 2016

Miscellaneous June 4/5, 2016 road trip photos

A friend of mine and I took a quick road trip on June 4/5 from Airdrie, Alberta to Radium, BC south to Fernie, BC. The next day back to Airdrie via Highway 22 in Alberta. He sent me some photos. I might have to turn the blog over to him. These are pretty good.

His Yamaha Bolt leaving his place.

In Yoho National Park at Marble Canyon.

My friend.

More Marble Canyon

Near Wasa, BC.

Coal mining remains from one hundred years ago at Morrisey, BC.

Just outside Fernie, BC.

Old coke ovens at Coleman, Alberta.

Coleman, Alberta in the Crowsnest Pass.


  1. What an absolutely beautiful area for a road trip. This city dwelling flatlander is envious. :)

  2. The Yamaha Bolt is one of the best new bikes out there. They're light as a feather, can be spun on a dime, they look like a million bucks but they're reasonably priced - and they have that beloved V Twin engine going on!

    I recognized that patch of road with the tunnel outside Fernie the second I saw it! It is a fun little road for the nimble bikes. Us fat guys on the big cruisers have to slow down for it...

  3. Those are great pics...but don't you dare hand over this site...and it is nice to see you in a photo once in a while! Looks like you two had a great trip...THAT is what counts...good stuff BW!