Wednesday 13 May 2015

Scollard, Alberta

Took a road trip for the day on April 26, 2015. I stumbled across Scollard on Google Maps. You could clearly see an abandoned rail line on the satellite view and an image search showed there was an old church there. 

I found the church. I could only check it out from the road. There was an inhabited house next door from where a large dog ran onto the church property to advise me I was not welcome. I was a bit disappointed in the area, I kind of expected more. There was another house nearby, no old buildings except the church. Whatever else was here had disappeared. The rail line was torn up years ago. 

Scollard, Alberta April 26, 2015

I could not find  out what denomination the church was.

Scollard, Alberta April 26, 2015
It looks like the church is no longer in use.

Rail line just outside Scollard.

Sign on the bridge says it is unsafe. It is solid and if it collapsed you are not falling far.


  1. At least you took some nice pics of the church. Such a plain door on the front, though. Love how the 'bridge' was built - you don't see timber bridges anymore.

  2. It was a small farming town in the early 1900's my cousin Heath McNeil was baptised there in 1926. My grandparents had a farm just west of the town and my Aunt Gertrude (Gerdy) McNeil was the president of the womens association for several years in that church. When the rail line stopped the town began to shrink. Everyone moved to Big Valley a larger town just north of Scollard.

  3. The church is actively used by some worshippers to this day. The church is now called "St Arius'" and as the same suggests, it's used by a group of Arian-Christians.