Thursday 14 May 2015

Dickson, Alberta

Quick spur of the moment road trip after work on the motorcycle on April 21, 2015. The weather started off great, then I ran into stiff wind and a little rain. Added to that is the fact I kind of misjudged the distance to there and back. I made it back somewhat chilled and in darkness after 9:00pm. 

I had read a little about Dickson, Alberta online and I knew there was an old school there. The school was built in 1906. It was a little anti-climatic when I saw it in person and the sign above the door read "Dickson Fish and Game". I thought the building was preserved and that there would be some kind of historical marker. No such luck. The photos are a little off as my fingers were cold from the ride and the weather was starting to turn. There is a house just next door to the right that I did not want to show up in the picture. Most old one room schools have the same type of building plan. A lot of times the teacher lived in the schoolhouse in the back, sometimes in the basement. This one did not seem to have any living quarters however I was not able to look around the back.  

Dickson School, Dickson, Alberta April 21, 2015
Dickson School, Dickson, Alberta April 21, 2015

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  1. Still an interesting building - wouldn't want to stand on those front steps though! ('Hope you always carry a rain slicker in the saddlebags!)