Wednesday 6 May 2015

Kirkcaldy, Alberta

Close to Vulcan, Alberta and practically a ghost town. There are a few inhabited dwellings. An old rail line is nearby and this is just barely off the highway. Not much information on this place. Apparently named by an unknown Scot after Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. There was a post office that operated from January 1915 to February 1970. A stop on my April 12, 2015 solo road trip.

Looking west from Highway 23

A cousin sent me some info on this. Her grandson's grandfather owned this store, and was the postmaster, firechief, and television repairman. Don Mallory was the 'Mallory' and his partner, 'Carnegie' was his sister's husband. Don's wife, Mary Mallory, still lives in the tiny house just past the vacant house to the right, beside the Kirkaldy Hall. 

School marker. 

The schoolhouse.

Like many communities, the schoolhouse was not just the schoolhouse.

I would be a bit surprised if this building is still used. It is showing its age.

Rear of the school.


  1. I love looking at all your pictures!! :-)

  2. I was born in Kirkcaldy,Scotland,and visited Kirkcaldy,Alta in 1968 when i was working in Calgary.

  3. My grandfather, Philip Edgar Chugg, farmed here for a bit before moving east of Clairmont, Alberta. My nephew has the farm now. My great grandfather and his brother farmed in Granum and Claresholm. Thanks for the photos and info.

  4. You can be happy to know the building is still being used. In fact, a group of us are using it today! And at least once a week.