Sunday 3 May 2015

A different kind of party

There is an election in Alberta. So May 1 I went to a political rally after work. I won't say what party, this is not a political blog and I currently do not want to inflict my views on others. I went because I was curious and I have never been to one before. 

I admire the act where people get up and get involved in the process in a constructive way. There are a number of people who are in office that I do not respect, there are people in government whose views I do not agree with. However it does take a certain amount of confidence to put yourself out there and put the courage of your convictions into action to run for office and work within the system. That I can respect. I may not vote for you but I am on board with you going through the effort. 

I stayed through the speeches. The event could have used some polish. They all seemed to be earnest. After the speech I hung around to meet the candidate. I introduced myself and he asked if I had any tough questions for him. Nice touch. I replied I just wanted to say hello and I had no intention of putting him on the spot or asking him a "gotcha" question. I think he is sincere and I honestly wished him all the best on Election Day. 

I never told him I already voted the day before at an advance voting station. 

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  1. I like a candidate that asks questions and opinions, not one who thinks he has all the answers we want to hear. 'Hope the most qualified person won.