Saturday 9 May 2015

Perfect for moose

Unfortunately I did not find any. Bit of snow and foggy. Boggy Lake, Alberta which is just starting to get into the mountains. I have not seen moose in years. I know farmers see them all of the time in their fields, one I know had a moose that wanted to hang out with his horses.

When I was a kid up in northern British Columbia my father and I used to go hunting. He would buy a tag and we would load up and head out. We usually saw lots of wildlife. We made it a point to never shoot anything. We had no issue with people hunting and we ate wild game on occasion. If we shot something we had no place to prepare and store it. For us it was just an excuse to get out an explore. We just liked to get out in the woods.   

April 4, 2015


  1. Back in the day, my one of my dad's uncles went moose hunting in Wisconsin. He had a new rifle (for the time) with a tube magazine, but no one told him not to load pointy bullets in it. He saw a moose, shot, and all the rounds in the magazine went off at the same time. The moose, annoyed by the commotion and perhaps injured, charged. The uncle came home without rifle, without a moose, with his clothes ripped and torn from the desperate attempt to get away from a mad moose, and covered in his own blood. An epic moose hunt.

    1. Love it! The other reason we never shot anything was it was too much work.

  2. Perfect spot for a get-away cabin. Mountains and fishing - can't get any better than that!